Tesla will launch a public test version of fully automatic driving technology on September 25

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A few days ago, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would release a beta version of the full self driving test (hereinafter referred to as “FSD”) in a few weeks. Now he confirmed the exact time and date of the open public test of the tenth beta “FSD” on twitter. He said that about two weeks later (around September 25th), the Beta 10.1 of the fully automatic driving system will be open to public test.


By then, Tesla owners with test qualification will be able to experience a more complete FSD. The software and neural network behind the system have been greatly improved recently. Tesla believes that there is no need to add anything except the camera in the previous 9th version of “pure vision”.


However, judging from the wording of Elon Musk on twitter, he is not 100% convinced that version 10.1 is ready for public testing. Not long ago, he admits that making an autopilot car is much more difficult than he expected. Plus, NHTSA is currently investigating the automatic driving function, so Tesla is particularly cautious about the new version of the new version of the automatic driving assistance function.


It is reported that at present, FSD technology is expected to be only open to Tesla owners in the United States, and will take the lead in realizing real application here. Canada may be the next market to popularize the technology after the United States. Musk expects that FSD will be open for testing in Canada in a few months, while the landing date of the European market has not been determined yet.


Tesla will launch a new car without steering wheel and pedal. Is driverless really coming?


automatic driving technology


Recently, according to media reports, the CEO of Tesla said at the all staff quarterly meeting held by Tesla that he would launch a plan to release a model with a price of $25000 in 2023. At present, the cheapest model is model 3, which is a standard version of 235900 yuan. Unlike other models, this car may not be equipped with steering wheel and driving pedal, or it may be used in robotaxi (unmanned taxi) business.


Combined with the information previously disclosed by Tesla and taking into account the needs of consumers in various regions, this may be a compact hatchback with hatchback and hidden rear door design. It is said that this car may be named “model 2”.


However, musk once indicated on his personal social platform that he didn’t like the name and praised “model too”. Therefore, it is not known how the new car will be named. In fact, as early as last year’s Tesla battery day press conference, musk said that Tesla would produce a model for Volkswagen for $25000. He even made it clear: “we will reduce costs through Tesla’s new batteries and battery manufacturing. In addition, before 2019, Tesla also said that it would release cars without steering wheel and pedals within two years.


At present, Tesla is sold at home and abroad, and the sales of model 3 and model y have achieved good performance overseas and even at home. Previously, according to the statistics of cleantechnica, the global delivery of Tesla Model 3 has exceeded one million by the end of the second quarter of this year. In addition, model y is also deeply loved and praised by the public, and the cumulative delivery has exceeded 250000 vehicles worldwide, And Tesla is also accelerating the delivery of model y.


The price advantage and extremely cost-effective performance enable Tesla to occupy an important place in China’s new energy vehicle market. If Musk’s plan comes on schedule in the future and launches models with lower prices and more people-friendly, it will be a dimensionality reduction blow to most new car making forces.


As for whether musk can realize the idea of canceling the steering wheel of a new car in 2023, a large part still needs to take into account the progress of Tesla’s fully automatic driving technology. Therefore, in the view of many people, this is a matter with extremely low probability, which is unlikely at present.


However, musk is not an entrepreneur in the traditional sense. He is not only a successful businessman, but also a crazy technological innovator. For him with a strong sense of mission and personal heroism, everything is possible. Maybe this will be realized in the longer term.

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