The Internet of things plays an important role in the automotive industry

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The Internet of things is one of the major breakthroughs in today’s world. The application of Internet of things can also be reflected in the automotive industry. Like other industries, this industry is gradually adapting to Internet of things applications. The overall development of the automotive industry continues to grow. By 2025, the Internet of things will become an indispensable part of the design of different models. If you still have questions about the role of the Internet of things in the automotive industry, it’s time to start learning.


Predictive maintenance

Preventive or predictive methods will be adopted for vehicle maintenance. Predictive maintenance methods are more convenient. If you can know exactly when your car will run out of fuel, driving will be more worry free.


Maybe you don’t think the fuel forecast can impress you, an old driver, so by integrating the Internet of things into the car’s operating system, you can monitor all aspects of the car in real time to see if it will impress you. With the emergence of the Internet of things, it becomes easier to implement predictive methods.


All collected data sets can be used to predict, for example, how long a car needs maintenance services. Obviously, the integration of the Internet of things can help your car maintain a better state.


Driverless car

This kind of car is usually called autopilot. It is a product at the forefront of the tide of new technology. Although the fully automatic vehicle has not been officially on the road, it will become the focus of attention as soon as it appears (at present, it is mostly in the media or experimental places). Such transportation will be a revolution. You must understand that the role of the Internet of things in the manufacture of self driving cars is enormous.


In fact, semi-automatic vehicles have appeared in the market. They can help drivers drive, stop, change lanes and other activities. Semi automatic driving cars are better at making accurate decisions for your car.


Facts have proved that semi-automatic vehicles can reduce the frequency of accidents to a great extent. This is because there is little room for human error in such vehicles. Of course, it still has a long way to go.


Driverless car


Simple communication

This may sound new, but the Internet of things can realize simple communication between vehicles. This feature of the Internet of things belongs to the category of intelligent infrastructure and is one of the most needed technologies in today’s era.


If two vehicles are connected together and calculate the route, speed and other information, it is easier to prevent the possibility of any accident, especially when they are close. In this vehicle to vehicle communication, if two vehicles are prone to accidents, both drivers will receive notification about the possibility of accidents and communicate, which benefits from the role of the Internet of things. Even in an emergency, the vehicle’s Internet of things system can automatically take action to prevent accidents. This communication is also called V2V technology.


Now there is a voice that V2V is a chicken rib technology, which is mainly because the Internet of things is not mature enough. It is believed that with the improvement of artificial intelligence and Internet of things technology, the transportation system of the whole city can be more intelligent, safer and convenient than now.


Connection between car and Smartphone

Through the Internet of things, you can use smart phones to manage cars. This is one of the best applications of the Internet of things in the automotive industry.


By connecting your car to your personal equipment, predictive maintenance of your vehicle can be greatly improved. You don’t have to be a person who knows the car very well. You can get direct feedback about your car through your smartphone. You can also contact different technical service providers more conveniently. You don’t have to worry about whether the price is falsely quoted by the repairer. In some cases, you can find out the situation before it becomes too serious and send it for repair in time. In the past, only old drivers could do it with their own experience and feeling.


With the Internet of things, real-time monitoring is also easy, such as vehicle positioning. Where is the car parked? I believe many drivers have encountered such problems (especially parking in unfamiliar large parking lots or underground garages). I’ve experienced such embarrassing things many times. So as to form the habit of parking and photographing the parking space number.


In addition, with the help of the Internet of things, it is easier for carmakers and buyers to exchange necessary data sets. The owner or driver needs some knowledge or information about vehicle management. It can be realized through smart phone and car connection.


Monitor driver status

The driver must concentrate and keep in good condition when driving the car. Through the Internet of things, drivers’ activities can be monitored regularly. Through the Internet of things, it is also easier to collect information related to driving style. Therefore, the Internet of things system itself can predict the response of drivers in an emergency, and provide drivers with driving protection tips accordingly.


Now some car brands have installed a movable seat called “health seat”, where the driver’s heart rate will be monitored. In this way, people can know whether the driver is under pressure or lack of mental control. In this way, people can be vigilant against any danger in the future.


Better security and surveillance

In IOT vehicles, different external sensors are used. These sensors can easily track traffic. In addition, it can ensure that there is no driving risk in this case. Collisions can also be detected in advance.


On board information processing

Google and apple, two world-class technology giants, are preparing to introduce vehicle information technology. They are working with different car manufacturers. In addition, Google has launched Google maps, Google assistant and other applications to provide a better car experience. However, these applications have limitations. Currently, these applications can only run when the user provides instructions and connects the smartphone to the Internet. But with the connection of the Internet of things, it will become better. In the future, these applications are expected to run automatically without user action.


The Internet of things is a disruptive technology that has changed the way many industries operated in the past. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the combination of the two is even more powerful. It’s time to change the auto industry. In our view, Internet of things integration is a breakthrough in this industry. The day when the Internet of things rules the entire transportation system is not far away.

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