Xiaomi led the investment in autopilot chip Unicorn black sesame intelligence, with a valuation of more than US $2 billion

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On September 22, black sesame intelligence, an automatic driving computing chip company, announced that it had recently completed two rounds of financing: Strategic round and C round. After the strategic round and round C financing, the post investment valuation was nearly US $2 billion, and black sesame intelligence officially entered the ranks of “unicorns”.


This is Xiaomi’s first investment in the core chip link upstream of the car after announcing the construction of the car.


autopilot chip


As a car making Internet enterprise, Xiaomi chose to invest in a “chip manufacturing” company, which is obviously a very prescient measure. On the one hand, there is a shortage of chips at present. However, the company invested by Xiaomi has also made great achievements in the field of chips.


Black sesame intelligence focuses on high-tech research and development in technical fields such as high-power autopilot computing chip and platform. Since its establishment, black sesame intelligence has been based on self-developed core IP and deeply cultivated in three fields: artificial intelligence, vehicle gauge chip and automatic driving. Computing power is a necessary factor for Xiaomi to build a car.


On the other hand, Xiaomi will actively grasp the opportunity of the era of “smart car” and “integrated circuit” strategy and accelerate the innovation of automatic driving chip. After this round of financing, relying on rich automotive industry resources and strong capital, the cooperation between black sesame intelligence and Xiaomi is also mutually beneficial.


For Xiaomi automobile, adding black sesame intelligence through Changjiang industry fund may help it layout the automatic driving chip supply chain in advance. Xiaomi’s demand for autopilot chips in the future is huge. The layout in advance can help it quickly realize the R & D and landing of intelligent vehicles.

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