AI’s heavy cooperation with biomedicine may greatly promote the global drug R & D process

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In 2021, artificial intelligence is developing rapidly in the field of medical and health. At the same time, more and more medical enterprises are applying AI technology. These pharmaceutical companies have carried out a series of cooperation with AI cutting-edge by using AI technology, aiming to use the power of machine learning and algorithms to promote the drug R & D process.


Large pharmaceutical enterprises use AI technology to accelerate drug discovery


Pfizer, as the world’s largest R & D-based biopharmaceutical company, has officially signed a cooperation with atomwise to use artificial intelligence to develop new drugs. Atomwise is committed to applying artificial intelligence technology to drug discovery and design. The two sides will use the cutting-edge AI platform to calculate and analyze millions of different small molecules, so as to predict those molecules with high affinity with the target protein molecules selected by Pfizer. At the same time, atomwise’s medical and computational chemistry team will also work with Pfizer scientists to define the required efficacy and other chemical properties for selected small molecules.


In addition, the biotechnology company Sirenas announced that it had reached a research cooperation agreement with Bristol Myers Squibb for multiple objectives. According to the agreement, Bristol Myers Squibb will use the proprietary drug discovery platform Atlantis of Sirenas to screen candidate drugs for challenging treatment targets. Boehringer Ingelheim is carrying out new cooperation with British technology research company bactevo to strengthen its drug research and development.


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“Big data” becomes the starting point


Today, big data has become a key factor in AI driven change in drug R & D in the future. Without diversified, interdisciplinary and high-quality big data, the transformative impact of AI technology cannot be fully realized. In this case, more and more companies are moving towards data centric research.


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a well-known pharmaceutical company, and 23andMe, a pioneer company in consumer gene testing, announced a four-year exclusive cooperation to develop innovative therapies using human genetic information. American AI cutting-edge datavant company cooperates with Weizhi gene to accelerate the discovery and R & D process of new drugs.


Cross border cooperation to build an integrated research platform


At present, the medical industry is gradually forming the trend of using platforms for cross-border cooperation and research. The platform here refers to the digital infrastructure, which can connect different types and fields of activities, research fields, operation modes and data flows. Although the concept of this platform has matured in industries such as finance and e-commerce, it is still a new thing for the medical industry. At present, some enterprises have taken the lead in applying this concept to carry out R & D work.


Novartis teamed up with Intel to accelerate drug research and development by using deep neural network. Lilly China and Microsoft China have also officially reached strategic cooperation. The two sides will jointly promote extensive cooperation in the fields of service, technology and market in China to create a new ecology of artificial intelligence + medical health industry.


In addition, the strategic cooperation between Roche and Tencent has also attracted the keen attention of people in the industry. The two sides will work together to explore the deep integration of the Internet and the medical and health industry, carry out pilot projects in drug traceability, medication services, disease management and medical science popularization, and gradually establish a comprehensive and integrated patient medical and health management platform by providing practical, high-quality and convenient digital innovation services for patients.


With the vigorous development of AI technology in the field of biomedicine in 2021, more pharmaceutical companies may join the wave of artificial intelligence in the future. Industry experts said: “through these cross domain cooperation, AI technology may be better applied to the medical industry, so as to achieve more and greater breakthroughs and benefit more patients.”

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