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2021 intelligent medicine: the era of machine intelligence has come, and various applications of intelligent medicine are becoming more and more common. Intelligent medical, also known as “Ai + medical” or “medical artificial intelligence”, generally refers to relying on the Internet, integrating artificial intelligence technology with the Internet of things, 5g and other new generation information technologies through the construction of intelligent infrastructure and data collection, enabling the medical industry and effectively improving the diagnosis efficiency and service quality of the medical industry.


With the development of artificial intelligence technology, voice interaction, computer vision and cognitive computing, deep learning and other technologies are also gradually mature. The application of artificial intelligence in the medical field tends to be daily, such as voice input of medical records, intelligent recognition of medical images, auxiliary diagnosis and treatment / cancer diagnosis, medical robots, intelligent analysis of personal health big data, artificial medicine research and development, etc.


2021 intelligent medicine


The policies and measures of intelligent medical care have been released one after another, and the market scale and industrial value are increasing, which reversely promotes the continuous progress and breakthrough of artificial intelligence technology related to medical care.


The scene demand of intelligent medical treatment is increasing day by day. Among them, the aggravation of artificial aging and the increasing number of chronic diseases are one of the main needs of intelligent medical treatment. Secondly, the lack of high-quality medical resources and the unbalanced distribution of medical resources bring opportunities for the application of intelligent medicine. At the same time, the rapid progress of big data accumulation and deep learning algorithms makes intelligent medicine play a better, faster and more accurate role in injury treatment. During this epidemic, intelligent medicine has played an important role and will continue to make efforts in public health prevention, control and treatment.


The four main sub scenarios of intelligent medicine include “Ai + medical imaging”, “Ai + assisted diagnosis”, “Ai + new drug research and development” and “Ai + health management”. “Ai + medical imaging” focuses on the specific applications of artificial intelligence technology in image reconstruction and recovery, intelligent target delineation, intelligent judgment of pathological sections, lesion identification and labeling, and other intelligent auxiliary diagnosis schemes.


“Ai + assisted diagnosis” focuses on the analysis of specific scenarios such as intelligent image assisted diagnosis of diseases and other assisted diagnosis of diseases. “Ai + new drug R & D” specifically analyzes the specific application of artificial intelligence technology in the four stages of drug discovery, preclinical research, clinical research, approval and marketing. “Ai + health management” focuses on specific scenarios such as risk identification, virtual nurses, mental health, mobile medicine, wearable devices and health intervention.


On the whole, AI enabled medical industry has become a new outlet in the medical field. With the further development and breakthrough of artificial intelligence technology, capital’s support for intelligent medicine will continue to increase.


At present, the intelligent medical industry presents three development trends:

First, the integrated application of artificial intelligence technology and Internet of things technology has become an important direction to promote the development of intelligent medicine.


Second, the development of intelligent imaging and intelligent diagnosis products tends to be mature, and the application speed of products is accelerating.


Third, with the layout and development of national health big data, the application and concept of intelligent health management will be further improved.

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