How will 5G affect the development of smart healthcare?

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The characteristics of 5G are: ultra-high speed, super-large connection, ultra-low latency, each of which can solve the pain points of a certain field, then the three carriages based on 5G will also bring huge positive impact to the development of intelligent medical industry:


Make remote diagnosis and treatment and nursing possible


Online profile is already part of solution to the remote medical treatment, and the problems of uneven distribution of medical resources, make the remote western region of patients never leave home can see Shanghai expert doctor, but a higher level 5 G booster can be more, more than 5 G network can support nearly 200 connected devices and sensors, can pass to G as the unit of mass data, That means patients can interact with doctors in real time through medical sensors at home, vital sign data can be sent back to doctors in real time, and doctors and caregivers can monitor and manage patients remotely on the fly.


Remote care, diagnosis, and even surgery can relieve the pressure of the tense hospital room and the shortage of doctors. At the same time, doctors and patients can also set up real-time chat rooms through the network screen terminals. The screen interaction in science fiction movies will no longer be science fiction, and may eventually change the whole mode of operation of medicine.


Make real-time assistance to the elderly, the sick and the disabled possible


Increase in population aging leads to left-behind elderly, if let the elderly health monitoring terminals equipped with life signs, real-time monitoring of the elderly living, eating, sleeping, sports information such as signs, so if I found the old man, an abnormal sleep breathing or accidentally fall to where he was, terminal system can timely warnings, associated with the old man’s nurses or children, Free from children’s worries; So is disabled people, moreover the way sudden emergencies, the ambulance accident will be sent to the hospital at the same time, the person accident of electrocardiogram (ecg) and physiological data back to the hospital instant data processing center, the real-time identification, realize the patient before the court, scheme has been output, reduce the risk of accident deaths, these can all be 5 g high speed, broadband, united to solve immediately.


smart healthcare


Make personal health management and medical personalization possible


With 5G, personal health management is possible. The whole body can be monitored by mobile terminals, and users’ daily life, health status, even inner fluctuations and emotions can be collected, tracked, learned and predicted, so that data can be shared between health, smart wearable devices and smart home appliances. The social imbalance of medical resources is utilized to make crowdsourced remote diagnosis to solve the problem of medical treatment. All the health information of users is integrated into mobile terminals, and through the interaction of mobile terminals with various health devices, pharmacies and medical institutions, patients can go to the hospital for serious diseases and diagnose minor diseases by themselves, so as to relieve the pressure of hospital doctors.


New technologies make it possible for hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies to be intelligent:


1,Future Hospital:


Future various technologies and data of production of booster makes digital hospital development, accelerate the digital medical hospital brand building, storage and hospital patients data set of data between the cooperation will become a huge data processing center, the hospital and patients can be independent and hospital medical database relations, hospital you just need to fine intelligent management decisions.


HIS system will also usher in a huge revolution, there will be a new type of intelligent system, the system must be achieved the integration of hospital operation, cases, medical, scientific research system, hospitals are involved in planning, strategy and marketing of medical data, the data will become one of the biggest assets of hospital, also will determine the future development of the hospital, At the same time, the hospital will also provide predictive analysis of general diseases based on a large number of case data, so as to provide users with early disease warning and form a new medical and health operation mode.


2,Future doctors:


Under the condition of the technology comprehensive application, the role of the doctor will appear a lot of volatility, are likely to appear a paper published yesterday, tomorrow will be overturned, and this is every doctor must face the problem, some traditional public hospital doctors to turn a blind eye to the academic development, perennial adhere to the traditional experience, lead to lack medical level, In the future, doctors who are not good at learning and are used to treating patients with experience may gradually be marginalized. The role of the doctor in the future will gradually shift from outpatient diagnosis to digital diagnosis, and the doctor in the future may become a medical data expert.


3,Future pharmaceutical companies:


Machine learning algorithms accelerate the development of new drugs, AI deep learning is so efficient, in fact, there are two things: Powerful to explore the relationship between capacity and powerful computing capacity of artificial intelligence can quickly find the adversarial relationship between drugs and diseases, also can dig the hidden secret between genes and disease, and intelligence of pharmaceutical compounds screening, screening good resistance, high active drug compounds, greatly improve the efficiency of clinical trials.


In ancient times, Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Typhoid and Complicated Diseases, Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica, and Sun Simiao’s Qianjin Yaofang were all works of their lifetime. With this great work at that time, it may not be worth mentioning in the face of modern AI deep learning, leaving only historical significance.


This is not a joke. This is serious. Being beaten and subverted may also be a feature of the AI era. The ancient Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs, which is actually the process of artificial drug screening. Now it is replaced by artificial intelligence, whose efficiency will be far ahead of the accumulation of human beings. At present, at least 100 enterprises in the world are exploring artificial intelligence drug research and development, the future pharmaceutical companies will also be digital, intelligent.


4,Future Pharmacy:


Future pharmacy will be the wisdom of the pharmacy, the new technology will also promote pharmacy management and slow disease management, in terms of slow disease management, each department have disease slow, dermatologist did so, patients not to mention the other departments slower, slow disease medicine generally are bought by large hospital, but the future through technology booster for hospital pharmacy can share some of the pressure.


Through the way of “AI + terminal”, data exchange slow disease signs, to slow disease risk analysis, provide dietary advice to patients, even doctors intervention, connect the data service and slow disease signs, to resolve the slow disease management, inaccurate, not in time to buy medicine to the status quo of member management, precise marketing in advance at the same time, Improve overall operational efficiency, drug turnover and inventory, and become a true smart pharmacy, where the core point is “connecting personal vital sign data.”


Heavy demand for drugs slow disease may be pleaded, master data, may go beyond the accuracy of other services, so the pharmacy should drugs appeared in the need of patients, there it is a natural thing, once achieved, future competition pharmacy will be of service ability and the ability to enhance customer satisfaction, promote medicines not crazy, strong push performance.


The implementation of new technologies in the medical field may be similar to Shang Yang’s reform, which will inevitably break the existing rules of the game and affect the use habits and interests of many parties. In the process of implementation, various problems will be encountered, and the difficulties will be as big as the problems are solved. Technology is only one of them.


From the perspective of convenience and benefit to the people, maybe it is only a matter of time for pharmacies to obtain the right to prescribe drugs and pay for medical insurance. Therefore, for “Internet + medical” and “AI+ medical”, I would like to end with my favorite sentence: “People must be resolute and have a long way to go”…

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