Nearly 1,000 U.S. Healthcare Organizations Embrace RAIN RFID Technology

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Terso Solutions, Inc. announced that nearly 1,000 U.S. healthcare organizations have deployed RAIN RFID solutions.


Terso Solutions’ full suite of RAIN RFID devices provides unprecedented real-time visibility. These complete devices can be integrated into existing EHR/ERP systems through a range of cloud-based software. From cabinets containing cold chain equipment to mobile devices and RFID readers, these solutions will be better suited for most healthcare workflows, automating workflows.


Healthcare Organizations


The level of integration between Virginia Hospital and the Outpatient Surgery Center reflects the continued demand for RAIN RFID as a technology across the healthcare industry, as it helps the healthcare industry streamline supply chain operations while providing visibility into the management aspects of the supply chain. As a result, RAIN RFID is a proven RFID technology that connects billions of items to the Internet of Things, providing visibility into the supply chain and automating workflows to drive digital transformation in the industry.


Today, healthcare’s supply chain effectively lacks visibility and interoperability for inventory management, resulting in inefficient supply chain management, increased costs and, to some extent, patient-related benefits,” said Joe Pleshek, president and CEO of Terso Solutions. However, RAIN RFID can automatically provide some important real-time data to interconnected software systems, thus allowing hospitals and medical device manufacturers to ensure that critical supplies are in the right place at the right time, facilitating quick and accurate access to medical supplies for relevant staff.”


Terso has partnered with RAIN RFID provider and IoT specialist Impinj to do its best to meet healthcare industry needs, thereby further improving the entire healthcare supply chain.


Once driven by the need to automate the supply chain in healthcare, driven by financial savings, the healthcare supply chain will now be driven by the need for future resilience.


“Other technologies require users to follow each other’s established rules. RAIN RFID solutions automate the workflow and allow users to do their jobs with little or no interaction with the system itself,” said Jason Rosemurgy, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Terso Solutions. RAIN RFID will continue to expand exponentially in the healthcare sector as it improves the productivity of healthcare practitioners.”

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