Special research report on Artificial Intelligence: new track of intelligent medicine and new scene of AI empowerment

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1,Broad space for smart medical industry


The smart medical industry covers all links before, during and after diagnosis, including not only traditional medical information systems such as his and CIS, but also various technologies of internet medical platform and AI + medical. With many industrial chain companies and rich application scenarios, it is an investment track after a long slope.


AI leads technological change, and the smart medical scene is gradually implemented


AI + medical products have been certified as class III devices, and the industry has been gradually implemented


There are many CT imaging products, and CDSS and fundus screening are expected to continue. From the distribution of various technologies in the artificial intelligence medical software currently approved by China and the United States, it mainly includes: CT image, CDSs, ECG recognition, surgical robot, fundus screening, pathological image, gene detection, etc. Among them, CT image recognition products account for half of the country. In other applications, we believe that CDSS and fundus screening are relatively fast.


 smart medical industry


2,Application scenario


1) CT image recognition has broad application fields


The main product forms of AI + CT images include: image analysis and diagnosis software, CT image three-dimensional reconstruction system, automatic target delineation and adaptive radiotherapy system. Through intelligent CT image recognition, it can complete case screening, intelligent analysis and diagnosis, assist clinical diagnosis and treatment decision-making, etc. From the perspective of application scenarios, it mainly includes chest, limb joints and other parts, breast, cardiopulmonary, coronary artery, bone and other organs and tissues, and has a wide application field.


2) CDSS assisted clinical diagnosis decision


Clinical decision support system (CDSS) generally refers to a computer system that provides auxiliary support for clinical medical decision-making based on artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm. CDSS inputs medical related guide literature, expert consensus and electronic medical record data, and outputs the model of clinical diagnosis through big data analysis and neural network operation based on artificial intelligence, so as to assist doctors in providing clinical diagnosis of relevant cases.


3) Retinal image recognition helps diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases


Retinal imaging is widely used in clinic. Retinal images of healthy people and patients with diseases are the only part of the human body that can directly observe blood vessels and nerve cells in a non-invasive way. The risk of chronic diseases can be detected, diagnosed and evaluated by observing the changes of fundus blood vessels and nerve cells.


3,Actively grasp the investment value of smart medical industry


Leading enterprise of medical informatization: it is expected to cut into the smart medical track from the construction of traditional his system and other medical information systems, deeply cultivate hospital customers for many years, and have rich industry know-how and strong technical strength.


Internet medical platform enterprises: master the C-end patient entrance, rely on online consultation and other internet medical needs to enter the smart medical track, and are expected to realize the dual drive of b-end and C-end in the future.


AI big data enterprise: with AI and big data core technologies, enabling the medical industry through emerging technologies, it is expected to open up new application scenarios of smart medicine driven by technology, so as to achieve rapid growth.

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