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1.About this site

This information station, named ozmca, is a public information platform dedicated to connecting people with information, so as to efficiently and accurately disseminate a large number of high-quality information and create its own value.


The purpose of this site is “user first”. Welcome to visit our website and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions to our website.


When reprinting or quoting the content of this website, be sure to indicate the word “from (or quoted from) ozmca” in a prominent position, and indicate the website of this website: 。


2. Copyright description

1,All contents of this site, without indication, are copyrighted by ozmca.


2,You are welcome to reprint or quote the content on this website, except the following:


(1)The related link content that this site points to is not the content of this site;


(2)The contents of the statement that no reprint or no reprint without permission have been made;


(3)Works of others not signed by this site or quoted or reproduced by this site are not copyright content of this site;


(4)Unique graphics, signs, page style, arrangement mode, procedures, etc. in this site;


(5)Content in this site that can be known only with special authorization or registered user qualification;


(6)Content that is not allowed by other laws or deemed inappropriate by this website.


3,Reprinting or quoting the content of this website must be a reasonable and bona fide quotation for the purpose of news or informative public free information, and shall not misinterpret or modify the original meaning of the content of this website.


4,If you reprint or quote the signed articles on this website, please pay the author according to the regulations.


5,The following activities are not allowed to reprint or quote the content of this site:


(1)Damage the interests of this site or others;


(2)Any illegal act;


(3)Any act that may undermine public order and good customs;


(4)Unauthorized permission for others to continue to reprint and quote the content of this site;


6,We will not be liable for civil disputes, administrative treatment or other losses caused by improper reprinting or quoting the content of this website.


3.Safety requirements

1,It is strictly prohibited to illegally enter the unauthorized server or account of this site.


2,It is strictly prohibited to illegally detect, scan and test the system of the station or use the incompleteness and weakness of the network to destroy the network security.


3,It is strictly prohibited to attempt to interfere with or destroy the normal operation of the website, such as illegally modifying the page, destroying the interactive system, using “Trojan horse”, “mail bomb” or other hacker software, spreading mail virus, etc.


4,It is forbidden to forge TCP / IP packet name or part of the name.


5,We reserve the right to investigate the legal responsibility of those who do not comply with this requirement or use the content of this website illegally and maliciously.