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The road freight industry is on the verge of being transformed by improvements in efficiency delivered by digitization and artificial intelligence. By accessing route planning and freight data and using AI-based matching models, digital marketplaces can identify optimal routes and reduce the number of trucks making empty or half-empty journeys.
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The development of information technology has greatly improved our way of life and travel. Due to the large urban population and the traffic congestion caused by concentrated travel time, it has also been improved with the construction of intelligent transportation.
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On the basis of intelligent transportation (ITS), intelligent transportation makes full use of Internet of things, cloud computing, Internet, artificial intelligence, automatic control, mobile Internet and other technologies in the transportation field to collect traffic information through high and new technologies, so as to improve traffic management, transportation Control and support all aspects of the transportation field such as public travel and the whole process of transportation construction management
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The predecessor of intelligent transportation is intelligent transportation system (ITS), which was put forward by the United States in the early 1990s. In 2009, IBM put forward the concept of intelligent transportation.
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Data from a second year of collaborative research offers pointers for cities in the post-pandemic world.Singapore, Helsinki and Zurich have taken the podium positions in the 2020 IMD-SUTD Smart City Index Report, a collaboration between IMD and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).
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Artificial intelligence (AI), also known as machine intelligence, is the creation of machines that mimic human intelligence and perform tasks just as a human being would, or close to that. We all know Siri, the intelligent virtual assistant that comes with Apple products’ operating system, that would probably be the best example to paint a clear picture of what AI entails.
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From healthcare, autonomous driving, to manufacturing and retail, almost every industry is touched and influenced by artificial intelligence. Consumers may think that enterprises mainly use AI for targeted marketing, or remote robots and unmanned driving, but in fact, this technology is deeply affecting many functions of the whole industry.
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As smart cities become not only the future idea, but also the current reality, artificial intelligence (AI) is on the stage. Advanced technology is at the forefront of this change, driving valuable strategies and optimizing all operations throughout the industry. These technologies are rapidly becoming solutions to realize smart city and clean city plans and net zero commitments.
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No city is the same. Across the United States, some places face the strain of swelling populations, often due to a mix of new job opportunities or attractive weather. Many older cities face the dim prospect of little to negative population growth. The majority of cities find themselves somewhere in the middle.
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Cities are an engine for human prosperity. By putting people and businesses in close proximity, cities serve as the vital hubs to exchange goods, services, and even ideas. Each year, more and more people move to cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas to take advantage of the opportunities available in these denser spaces.
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Artificial intelligence is invaluable when it comes to its role in this transformational stage facing the utilities sector. Advanced technologies are already at the forefront of driving valuable strategies optimizing the industry across all operations. This includes facilitating missions for achieving smart/clean-city initiatives and net-zero commitments.
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According to the global network, Iran recently announced the details of the assassination of top nuclear scientist fahrizad. The weapon that killed fahrizad was made by Israel, accusing Israeli agents of the assassination. Judging from the technology used in this assassination, this should be the first assassination carried out by AI Artificial Intelligence System in the world.
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With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, everyone can deeply feel that AI is having a far-reaching impact on society and economy. Previously, Li Kaifu also publicly said that AI will replace 30% - 40% of jobs, including white-collar workers, in the next 15 years!
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