5 simple and affordable ways to make your home smart

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Technology is increasingly entering our lives. Now we can’t imagine our daily life without help. If the word “smart home” is still out of reach for you, please check out our selected simple and cheap methods to make your home more scientific and functional.


Water saving faucet

Modern intelligent faucets can do something we don’t often do – save water. At the same time, you can choose from more complex and advanced solutions (for example, models with adjustable jet aeration system or water flow control) to simpler and affordable solutions (special nozzles for faucets and shower heads with stops).


Smart Wi Fi socket

Always forget to turn off the iron or curling stick? We know they are. A good solution for dealing with absentmindedness is the smart socket. This gadget knows how to turn your device on and off at the time you set. All this is due to the countdown timer function: with it, the device will shut down automatically after the time expires.


You can also use it to create the appearance of someone at home. For those who want to take a vacation or travel frequently, this is a good solution: you no longer need to worry about safety at home. Away from home allows the device to be turned on or off at different times, giving people a feeling of being at home and preventing thieves. Just set a schedule and go to a warm climate.


smart home


Devices connected to such outlets can be controlled anywhere via the Internet using special mobile applications on smartphones. They can also help you save money. You can save energy and money by using smart plugs to control heating and ventilation equipment. Sockets track real-time energy statistics and can output weekly or monthly reports.


What is important is that the fashionable and modern design makes the equipment easily combined with most interior designs.


Wireless high-definition cloud camera

A simple and affordable way to ensure your family safety is a small wireless cloud camera. It can work day and night, notify when sound or movement is detected, and transmit high-definition images. Using the app on your smartphone, you can access camera images anywhere: you only need an Internet connection.


The device has a built-in microphone, which will be a salvation for those who are worried about the remaining children and pets. Good reward – 1X digital zoom, highest quality video streaming, Wi Fi signal amplification and the ability to place devices on tables, walls and even ceilings.



Dimmer is the simplest and most effective method. It can not only set the lighting required by the house, but also save energy. There are simple and advanced models: programming with different lighting modes, and the ability to set timers and remote controls using remote controls or applications on mobile devices.



Thermostats know how to create a comfortable temperature system and reduce the cost of heating, hot water or electricity. According to your needs, you can choose the models of heater, mixer and floor heating. More high-end options not only allow you to set the required temperature, but also provide special programs (for example, for energy saving), which can set the timer and control it remotely.

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