AI + big data platform as the support of the construction of smart cities

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With the deep integration of smart city and AI technology, AI-enabled smart city will become the core engine and main trend of future social development, and the scenario-based application of AI will become the focus of the next stage of development. 5G network construction makes the city fully connected, and tens of billions of city management data, public service data, operator data, and Internet data will be centrally input to the The city’s big data center. Data has become the most strategic value of a city’s resources, breaking data silos and developing a “smart brain” that connects people, devices and services has become the vision of the future city.


Artificial intelligence technology is based on the development of deep learning technology, machine intelligence algorithms have advanced by leaps and bounds, through the machine learning algorithm model, after a large amount of data training can dig the real value behind the data to provide data support for urban planning and decision-making. The growing amount of human-centric and machine-generated data from communications, applications, content and business data, and the expected dramatic increase in the use of AI and machine learning in data analytics, will provide significant opportunities for AI-enabled unstructured data analytics solutions. The ability to capture data streams, identify valuable attributes and make decisions in real time will add a whole new dimension to service logic.


smart city


Business Architecture based on City Brain


According to the concept of “big integration, big platform, big data and big collaboration”, we will innovatively apply artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and 5G technologies to build a smart city solution with “1+N” architecture to build a new high-end intelligent and emerging prosperous industrial development. We will build a new high-end intelligent, emerging and prosperous industrial development ecology, a new people-oriented, universal people’s livelihood service system, and a new mode of precise governance and multi-party collaboration in urban governance. By aggregating the perception data of urban public infrastructure and the real-time pulse data of the city, and integrating the features of unstructured data such as video and voice with other structured data, we promote the digitization of all elements of the city, real-time perception and decision-making of the city state, and create a safe, efficient and innovative city operation system.


At the same time, we use real-time, full-volume urban data resources to provide full-area perception, monitoring and early warning, intelligent analysis and decision command for city operation and management, and direct the brain capability to various management links in urban governance, livelihood services and industrial development, commanding the overall, unified and intelligent operation of the city, and finally forming a smart city life body with perception, reasoning and judgment, rapid response and self-learning capabilities, through By establishing a unified and integrated data platform, data storage platform, data exchange platform and data sharing service platform, the “brain” of the smart city will be built to achieve safe operation of the city and improve the efficiency of urban operation. This is reflected in the transformation and upgrading of four aspects.


1、Urban governance mode upgrade


With urban data as resources, we can improve government management capacity, solve outstanding problems of urban governance, and realize intelligent, intensive and humanized urban governance.


2、Urban service model upgrade


More accurate services for enterprises and individuals at any time and anywhere, more efficient public services and more economical public resources in the city.


3、Urban industry development upgrade


Open urban data resources are important basic resources, which can play a catalytic role in industrial development and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.


4、Urban planning and decision making upgrade


It provides real data support for urban planning and decision making, and finds an optimal path for sustainable urban development.

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