Application research of artificial Intelligence in intelligent security field

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Artificial intelligence is one of the core factors determining the future development of the security field. Security technology, as one of the main means of maintaining public order in modern society, is of great significance to ensure the harmonious and stable development of society. In order to strengthen the application of artificial intelligence in the field of security, it is necessary to improve the automation and intelligence level of security technology, and to continuously study the application scheme of artificial intelligence in the field of security, so that security products can constantly meet the needs of social development.


Definition of artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new technical science that studies and develops theories, methods, technologies and application systems for simulating, extending and extending human Intelligence. It is a simulation of human consciousness and thinking information process. Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that seeks to understand the nature of intelligence and produce a new kind of intelligent machine that can respond in a manner similar to human intelligence. Research in this field includes robotics, language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, and expert systems.


Core technologies of ARTIFICIAL intelligence


1,Video structured technology. Video structuring is a kind of video content information extraction technology, which organizes video content into text information that can be understood by computer and human by means of spatiotemporal segmentation, feature extraction, object recognition and other processing methods according to semantic relationship. Video structuring can be divided into three steps in the technical field: target detection, target tracking and target attribute extraction.


2,Big data technology. Big data technology refers to the application technology of big data, covering all kinds of big data platforms, big data index system and other big data application technology. Big data technology provides artificial intelligence with powerful distributed computing capabilities and knowledge base management capabilities, and is an important support for artificial intelligence analysis, prediction and self-improvement. It consists of three parts: massive data management, large-scale distributed computing and data mining.


Artificial intelligence in the field of security development levels


From the perspective of security industry technology system, ARTIFICIAL intelligence technology presents the characteristics of “terminal entry, reverse propulsion”. The application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of security is an overall solution that starts from the terminal application of the technology system and gradually upgrades to the top of the technology system. The first is the artificial intelligence of video surveillance. Video surveillance is the most front-end technology application of security technology system. For the identification of various situations in the security area, there are two ways to deal with it: one is to identify general or emergency situations, which can be intelligently reacted without manual judgment and resolution. The other is that in the face of complex situation, it needs to deal with the background operating system technology processing and evaluation. At present, in the first application field, artificial intelligence technology has been widely applied and achieved remarkable results. Based on this, it is rapidly expanding to the second application field. With the constant upgrading of security requirements, artificial intelligence technology continues to deepen to the second level – intelligent storage and thinking. Intelligent storage is a stored procedure that processes the collected information and data, resulting in the internal information flow. Intelligent thinking is a process of making explicit the essential properties and internal laws of stored information or data. The third level is depth perception and adaptability. Through the collection, storage and analysis of a large amount of data, the security environment form of the region in a period of time can be obtained, and the law of development can be summarized, so as to achieve in-depth perceptual judgment and quantitative analysis. Through a period of information processing and analysis, the formation of strong adaptability and application of security solutions, and in the implementation of continuous self-improvement.


intelligent security


Application of artificial intelligence in the field of security


1,Application in the transportation industry. The full use of AI technology in the transportation industry is critical,


Its main purpose is to fully apply the Internet of Things technology in the process of urban traffic control and management, like the smart home. Whether it is non-motorized or motor vehicles, or pedestrians, etc. will be recorded in the Internet of Things, so that such information can be collected, stored and shared, and the efficiency and actual environment of urban transportation can be gradually improved. In all facilities are included in the urban traffic network, all information will be collected and integrated content, and intelligent traffic can fully use big data technology to master the actual situation of city traffic, city traffic flowing, forming a wide range of urban transportation management system, this system has the features such as real-time, high efficiency and accuracy. After the intelligent urban traffic system is founded, to the diversity of use of transport resources, which can effectively reduce the real burden of urban traffic, comprehensively improve the city’s environmental pollution phenomenon, to a large extent ensure reliability and stability of the traffic, for people’s travel to provide a comfortable environment, to ensure the safety of people’s life and property. The intelligent transportation system contains three aspects, the first is the vehicle management and control system, the second is the exit and entrance system, the third is the tourism information system. At the same time, the use of artificial intelligence in urban transportation could reduce energy consumption. The intelligent system can control and manage the speed of the vehicle, so that the user can achieve the reliability and efficiency of the operation under normal circumstances. For example, when the speed of the vehicle is increased, the exhaust gas emission and fuel consumption can be reduced. In addition, as the intelligence transportation system and improve and perfect, scientific and reasonable to alleviate urban traffic congestion phenomenon, reduce the time duration of the car, to reduce vehicle exhaust, elimination, in turn, better improve urban air quality, improve people’s living and working environment, promote the steady development of relevant industries, and saves more energy.


2,Application in the public security industry. The public security field mainly involves three layers of application, namely, map investigation, actual combat and prediction, in order to meet the actual needs before, during and after the event. Artificial intelligence has natural advantages in feature extraction and content understanding of video content. The front-end camera has built-in artificial intelligence chip, which can analyze the video content in real time, detect the moving objects, identify the property information of people and cars, and transmit it to the back-end artificial intelligence central database for storage through the network. With the massive city-level information collected, and the powerful computing power and intelligent analysis ability, artificial intelligence can conduct real-time analysis of the suspect’s information, give the most possible clues and suggestions, shorten the suspect’s track locking from the original days to a few minutes, and save precious time for the case detection. With its strong interactive ability, it can communicate with the police in natural language, and truly become the expert assistant of the case handlers.


3, the application of home security. In the field of home security, each user is an independent individual. The powerful computing and service capabilities of ARTIFICIAL intelligence are utilized to provide differentiated services for each user, improve user experience, and bring enough sense of security to users. Take home security as an example. When no one is detected in the home, the home security camera can automatically enter the deployment mode. When there is an anomaly, it will give sound warning to the intruder and remotely notify the home owner. And when family members go home, and can automatically withdraw, protect user privacy. Through a certain period of study, master the family members’ life and rest rules, and develop a set of reasonable deployment plan, avoid the complex operation brought by manual setting, truly realize the humanization of security.


4, the application of safe campus. Campus is a place where vulnerable groups gather, so it is relatively vulnerable to the threat of criminal suspects. Artificial intelligence security system can find potential criminal threats in the first time, timely alarm and take preventive measures, which is of great significance to the maintenance of campus security. Artificial intelligence security system plays an irreplaceable key role in the construction of safe campus. For example, surveillance video identification technology can be used to monitor people entering and leaving the campus, timely detect foreign personnel, and assist the security guards to register and manage foreign personnel; At the same time, artificial intelligence can also automatically identify suspicious persons according to the criminal database, action track and stay time, and determine whether to notify security or directly alarm according to the specific situation, thus greatly improving the security level of the campus and fully protecting the safety of teachers and students.


Prospects of the application of ARTIFICIAL intelligence in security industry


In the security industry, the most used artificial intelligence algorithm is still in the field of video images, because the products of traditional security enterprises are related to video images. But for police and other business applications, video images are only a small part, police applications also need network information, communication information, social information and so on. In the future, the security industry needs to use video image information as the basis to get through all kinds of heterogeneous information, and give full play to the advantages of various artificial intelligence algorithms such as machine learning, data analysis and mining on the basis of massive heterogeneous information, so as to create more value for the security industry.


To sum up, the security industry is one of the important application fields of ARTIFICIAL intelligence. With the continuous development of ARTIFICIAL intelligence technology, the problems and difficulties faced by intelligent security will be solved one by one, and it will become an important means to guarantee the urban public safety and the personal safety of residents, and its application prospect is huge.

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