Artificial intelligence in the construction of smart cities

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The term “smart city” has been mentioned by more and more people in recent years. Smart cities use various information technologies to integrate the city’s composition systems and services, which improves the efficiency of resource utilization and improves the quality of life of residents. With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence has been widely used in all aspects, from transportation to cultural travel, from security to home furnishings, artificial intelligence is changing people’s lives and enabling the construction of smart cities.


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Artificial Intelligence + Security


Some experts believe that the rigidity standard for smart cities is the number of cameras. To realize smart cities, more cameras with facial recognition functions are needed. Many fugitives were captured at the well-known concert, and the improvement of the intelligent security system behind it is also a very important aspect. Not only that, intelligent access control, intelligent monitoring and other systems are becoming more and more popular. In the continuous innovation and upgrading of technology, artificial intelligence is changing the security industry, enabling people to live in a more comfortable and safe environment, and providing a share of life for everyone Comfort and peace of mind.



Artificial Intelligence + Transportation


The application of artificial intelligence in transportation is also very extensive. A group of “electronic police” have been deployed to address pedestrians’ “red light running” phenomenon in Jinan, Shandong, and Suqian, Jiangsu. The screen was exposed in real time. This measure greatly reduced the number of people running red lights, which not only protected the lives and property of the masses, but also curbed the phenomenon of running red lights. Not only that, more and more cities are beginning to rely on technological means to solve the increasingly serious traffic congestion problem. Artificial intelligence is also playing a major role in alleviating traffic congestion and improving urban traffic order.



Artificial Intelligence + Tourism


The application of artificial intelligence in tourism is also very extensive. In some scenic spots, visitors can use “AI Swipe Face” to enter the park, “Swipe Face” to pay, and open the “AI Shoot” in the applet to automatically get the name and detailed introduction of the attraction. The application of artificial intelligence in tourism not only enables tourists to have a better travel experience, but also improves the efficiency of scenic spots.

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