How can 5G communication combined with AI be applied to smart light poles?

liu, tempo Date: 2021-08-12 09:39:06
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The integrated application of artificial intelligence and smart lamppost is one of the innovative applications of the new infrastructure of smart lamppost. AI can give wisdom light pole application mode: more efficient use of wisdom light pole pole the big data acquisition equipment, with multi-function rod load equipment, realize the artificial intelligence decision-making efficiency and service level of ascension, and this kind of fu can be used not only to improve wisdom light pole interaction experience, at the same time also can improve the wisdom city big data management and analysis of data.


At present, 5G communication is continuing to promote the coverage of cities. With the promotion and acceleration of 5G technology, the application of the Internet of Things represented by smart light poles will further expand and improve the application level and intelligence level. The most important characteristics of 5G communication technology are low latency and wide access, which deeply fits the development needs of innovative application of smart light poles: real-time urban environment scene/information feedback, communication access and data interactive transmission of a large number of smart light poles and massive rotor-borne equipment.




The integration of 5G communication and AI opens up new possibilities for the development of smart light poles. For example, BAIma BMG8600 Artificial intelligence +5G smart pole gateway, a collection of edge computing, AI intelligence, router, protocol stack and other powerful functions, dedicated to the smart lamp pole, 5G lamp pole, multi-functional street lamp and other applications.


Driverless apps


The intelligent light pole is equipped with a variety of road condition monitoring equipment to monitor the state of the road, the integrity of facilities and the situation of waterlogging. With the help of 5G communication, the road situation is fed back to the urban intelligent management center in real time. With the road condition perception of artificial intelligence driving, the driving scheme and path adjustment are designed.


No traffic management application


The BMG8600 intelligent light pole gateway is equipped with artificial intelligence chip, and connects to the intelligent light pole camera to perform road traffic condition analysis. Including traffic congestion analysis, driving risk analysis, traffic violation identification record, and linkage rod loaded broadcast alarm warning, etc. With the help of artificial intelligence applications, traffic prediction can be made in real time. At the same time, intelligent adjustment of intelligent traffic lights loaded with intelligent poles can be designed to effectively improve the operation efficiency of urban traffic.


Intelligent security monitoring application


5G+ Artificial intelligence supports the expansion of smart city security applications. Including the use of smart light pole camera, real-time face recognition compared to the cloud face database of illegal persons; Intelligent analysis and alarm of emergency traffic accident and group accident; Drawing city heat map, intelligent prediction and allocation of city security police distribution and so on.

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