In the field of smart city, which five war wolves rush the most 2021 AI best growth list

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In history, every industrial revolution will profoundly change the urban form, and then promote the reform of urban governance. The first industrial revolution opened the steam age, and urbanization began. The emergence of steam engine enabled machines to replace manual labor, and industrial civilization was born. The second industrial revolution opened the electrical era, the efficiency of machines was further improved, and the scope of application was further expanded. Automation made mass production the norm. The third industrial revolution opened the information age. Computer, Internet and other technologies liberated the productive forces, put more energy into creative work, accelerated technology, and shortened the cycle of technology transformation into products.


Today, mankind is ushering in the fourth industrial revolution, which will open the era of intelligence.


As one of the first batch of industry media focusing on artificial intelligence, ozmca launched the selection plan of “Ai best growth list” this year. The “Ai best growth list” finally nominated and applied for the list of 671 companies, covering the previously preset 13 most concerned fields and 5 best dimensions.


After a month long centralized review by the expert panel, 65 AI enterprises with the most representative product capability, technical capability, commercial value and future growth potential were finally selected. Among these enterprises, there are not only enterprising innovation giants, but also supernovae that stand out in various fields. In the new era, as the leaders at the forefront of the current AI + industry, they will jointly start a new wave of development.


Among them, in the field of “Ai + smart city“, cook intelligence, minglue technology, Kuangshi technology, iFLYTEK and Tesla were successfully selected into the best growth list of AI in 2021, and won the best product growth award, the best commercial growth award, the best barrier growth award, the best digital intelligence empowerment award and the best independent original technology award in this field.


Best product growth Award: cook intelligence


Cook intelligence, born in 2019, is a 3D vision technology company focusing on the recognition and application of people, machines and objects in the real world. The core team members of this young AI enterprise are from well-known schools at home and abroad, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Taiwan University and Massachusetts Institute of technology, accounting for 70% of master’s degree or above. Technically, cook was the global champion of face attributes at the IEEE International Conference on computer vision and pattern recognition. At present, he has completed the filing of more than ten patents.


As a high-level identity authentication in the industry, in technology, 3D face recognition has the advantages of high security and strong anti-counterfeiting compared with 2D face recognition. For the security problems such as living attack, photo and video forgery, heavy makeup, weak light and different posture, 3D face recognition can carry out high security verification through in-depth recognition of face information, and also has incomparable high-performance advantages.


Less than a year after its establishment, cook intelligence released the industry’s first 3D face recognition intelligent terminal supporting multimode hybrid biometrics. 3D vision solution is suitable for use in scenarios with strict requirements for personal identity verification security level.


At present, cook intelligence is actively exploring in the financial industry, intelligent transportation, residential real estate, marketing and retail, promoting the digital digital authentication ecology, integrating biometric technology, computer vision technology, IOT perception technology and trusted identity authentication software platform into the solution, and continuously deepening in various fields as the “infrastructure” in the visual field, Contribute to a credible, convenient, safe and efficient intelligent future.


Best product commercial Award: minglue Technology


Founded in 2006, minglue is a global enterprise level cognitive intelligence service platform. For more than a decade, it has been committed to promoting the digital transformation of large and medium-sized enterprises with high knowledge and management complexity through big data analysis and mining and cognitive intelligence technology. This goal is achieved mainly through two fist technologies and products.


The data center helps enterprises collect and integrate multi-source heterogeneous data, integrate big data, Internet of things, knowledge map and multimodal artificial intelligence technology, push the correct data to decision makers, and improve the transparency, security and stability of marketing and operation within the organization. The intelligent decision-making platform, by connecting people and machines in the enterprise, continuously accumulates and programs organizational knowledge assets, and finally realizes the high-level artificial intelligence application with analysis and decision-making ability, so as to make the organization operate efficiently.


In a city Super Brain Project, minglue technology and Tencent cloud provided it with a complete set of data middle platform solutions, including data aggregation platform, data standardization platform, metadata management platform, development scheduling platform, user management platform and data quality management platform, so as to realize the whole life cycle management of data. At the same time, in the dimension of data application and analysis, realize the online open sharing of big data analysis ability and model intelligent construction ability.


Minglue technology has built a city level and enterprise level data center for 200 + benchmark government and enterprise customers in Digital City, public security, finance, rail transit, electric power, manufacturing, retail, FMCG and other fields, and enabled digital transformation with data intelligence. Numerous new concepts have emerged in the past ten years. Minglue technology maintains the ability of reflection. It neither complains nor blindly pursues the tuyere. Innovation and persistence are the core engine to keep going.


Ai + smart city


AI best barrier growth Award: Kuangshi Technology


Kuangshi technology was founded in 2011. After 10 years of exploration, it has grown into a leader in AI company with full stack and integrated solutions including algorithms, software and hardware products. Kuangshi has the largest computervision Research Institute in the world. Based on the self-developed new generation AI productivity platform brain + +, Kuangshi has deeply cultivated the three core scenarios of personal networking, urban Internet of things and supply chain Internet of things, and has achieved a leading position in many vertical industries.


The AI strength of Kuangshi has also been recognized and endorsed by the state. In 2019, the Ministry of science and technology announced to build a new generation of national AI open innovation platform of “image perception” based on Kuangshi. The open-minded urban Internet of things solution enables intelligent deployment and management of Internet of things equipment in various urban scenes, enhances public safety and convenience, optimizes traffic management and improves urban resource planning through efficient and accurate analysis of visual data.


From super applications to operating systems, effectively break through data barriers, help urban managers save governance costs, and make residents’ lives safer and more convenient. At the same time, Kuangshi not only pays attention to macro urban governance issues such as safety, transportation and environment, but also pays attention to reducing costs and increasing efficiency for urban micro units such as buildings and parks. From urban infrastructure to application, Kuangshi’s products and solutions cover many core areas such as public security, traffic management, urban management and justice, and have been implemented in 150 + cities nationwide and 30 + countries and regions around the world.


Best digital intelligence empowerment Award: iFLYTEK


Founded in 1999, this old brand enterprise has been more and more stable and competitive in the past 21 years. IFLYTEK urban super brain is a new infrastructure and urban operation enabling platform built by using new generation information technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to support the digital transformation of economy, society and government.


Urban Super Brain solves the auxiliary decision-making of urban managers on urban operation, various needs of government workers, people and enterprises for fine governance and accurate services, and supports urban digital transformation through one lake collection, one network unified management, one screen overview and one key linkage.


It can sense, rely on the urban Internet of things, build an intelligent perception network covering the whole area, and use intelligent perception technology to make management dynamic “within reach” and “catch all urban events”; Be able to think, build a powerful semantic structured platform and knowledge map platform based on perception and cognitive intelligence, and have the thinking ability of global real-time analysis, command, mobilization and management; It can grow, build a knowledge community driven by big data, industry experts and core algorithms, and realize the continuous upgrading of data through generation and technical algorithms; With temperature, we have innovated flexible persuasion and off-site law enforcement in the field of urban management to make people’s livelihood services more efficient, convenient and inclusive through more data and less construction by the masses.


At the same time, it has demonstrated its technical skills for many years in four capabilities: data aggregation and processing, technical support with AI as the core, open urban middle office and collaborative scheduling of departments. IFLYTEK City Super brain has landed in Tongling, Liaocheng and Xuancheng, and won a number of authoritative awards.


Best independent original technology award: telian


Established in 2015, tesliancheng is the representative enterprise of the new technology sector under the “three major and one new” strategic layout of Everbright Group and the core strategic platform for the development of Everbright Holdings in the new economic field. As the head technology company in the field of aiot, Tesla is committed to being a partner in the transformation of urban digital intelligence.


Tesla’s artificial intelligence city solution uses Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud side computing, big data mining and analysis and other technologies, and uses three-dimensional visual big data platform, intelligent cloud platform, mobile terminal and various intelligent hardware groups to realize the functions of urban IOT perception, urban management and community service, and improve the intelligent level of government supervision, service and decision-making, Form an efficient, convenient and convenient new management mode, and provide a technical base and diversified AI industry cloud services for the digital and intelligent transformation of the city through the smart city operating system tacos.


In terms of technological innovation and product R & D, Tesla currently has 1030 patents, including 603 invention patents, and has been selected into the report of Gartner, an authoritative it research and consulting firm for six times.


In terms of business scenarios, different from the traditional smart scenario solutions, the deployment is the peak of the state, and the completion is the backward status. Through the construction of perfect software, hardware and ecology, Tesla Unicom continues to occupy the scenarios, break barriers, build perfect software, hardware and ecology, and always maintain the self evolution and upgrading of the city, On this basis, the value closed loop of the whole scene business is realized, so that different scenes of urban production and life can be interactive and operable.


At present, Tesla has taken the lead in the layout of the ecological platform, deeply enabling cities, communities, commerce, fire protection, carbon neutralization and other fields, and nearly 9000 smart scene solutions have been implemented worldwide. In 2020, teslian will become the official chief partner of the Dubai World Expo, provide AI city based robot services for the Dubai World Expo with artificial intelligence + Internet of things technology, and will deeply participate in the digital intelligence transformation of the future world expo special zone. At present, Tesla AI city has landed in Chongqing, Dubai and Shanghai.

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