Industry functions being improved or taken over by AI

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From healthcare, autonomous driving, to manufacturing and retail, almost every industry is touched and influenced by artificial intelligence. Consumers may think that enterprises mainly use AI for targeted marketing, or remote robots and unmanned driving, but in fact, this technology is deeply affecting many functions of the whole industry. AI is helping companies protect employees and customers, maintain inventory, develop new products and services, and so on.


The industry functions being improved or taken over by AI are as follows:

1,Smart city management

In the platform and implementation of smart city, artificial intelligence is helping to provide citizen services, urban environmental planning, energy resource management, energy resource utilization, theft prevention, accident and crime prevention.


This has changed the way companies operate in vertical areas such as the energy industry, health care and utilities.


Smart city management


2,Chat robot and user experience model

Call centers are using more chat robots based on artificial intelligence. Within large enterprises, it is becoming more and more common for leaders to gain effective insights by processing large amounts of data and applying AI principles.


Another area where AI has an impact is to create different user experience models for products. Most enterprises are slowly adding artificial intelligence.


3,Network capacity management

5g improves customers’ expectations for bandwidth, speed and quality. AI driven monitoring system and predictive analysis enable telecom companies to accurately predict demand and performance results, so that they can actively manage network capacity, promote network automation, solve problems faster and provide excellent services. AI is making 5g experience better.


4,Content delivery

The role of artificial intelligence in delivering content through news websites and social media is steadily shaping the ideas and views of individuals and social groups. This in turn has a fundamental impact on market behavior, thus changing the enterprises serving the market.


5,Activity monitoring

So much data is generated every day that the discovery of outliers is mostly entrusted to artificial intelligence tools. This applies to finding inappropriate content on social networks, abnormal transactions in banks, and abnormal activity in login history.


Humans cannot fully understand you to identify that you have done something unusual, but artificial intelligence can quickly see through and let another system process it automatically.


6,Personalized marketing

Most of us sign up with one or more retail or subscription companies. Often, people don’t know that these companies rate each customer based on their data, including trading, interaction and participation with the brand across all touchpoints.

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