What is intelligent transportation system? What does it include?

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The development of information technology has greatly improved our way of life and travel. Due to the large urban population and the traffic congestion caused by concentrated travel time, it has also been improved with the construction of intelligent transportation. So what is the concept of intelligent transportation and what are the main parts of the intelligent transportation system?


Intelligent transportation refers to a transportation oriented service system based on modern electronic information technology. Its outstanding feature is to provide diversified services for traffic participants with the main line of information collection, processing, release, exchange, analysis and utilization;


On the basis of intelligent transportation (ITS), it makes full use of Internet of things, cloud computing, Internet, artificial intelligence, automatic control, mobile Internet and other technologies in the transportation field to collect traffic information through high and new technologies to control and support all aspects of the transportation field such as traffic management, transportation, public travel and the whole process of traffic construction management, Make the transportation system have the ability of perception, interconnection, analysis, prediction and control in the regional, urban and even larger space-time range, so as to fully ensure traffic safety, give full play to the efficiency of traffic infrastructure, improve the operation efficiency and management level of transportation system, and serve smooth public travel and sustainable economic development.


 intelligent transportation system


The intelligent transportation system is guided by the national intelligent transportation system framework to build an intelligent transportation and transportation system of “high efficiency, safety, environmental protection, comfort and civilization”; Greatly improve the management level and operation efficiency of urban transportation system, and provide travelers with all-round transportation information services and convenient, efficient, fast, economic, safe, human and intelligent transportation services; Improve timely, accurate, comprehensive and sufficient information support and information decision support for traffic management departments and relevant enterprises.


Intelligent transportation system mainly includes the following parts:


1,Traffic information acquisition system: manual input, GPS vehicle navigation instrument, GPS navigation mobile phone, vehicle access electronic information card, CCTV camera, infrared radar detector, coil detector, optical detector, etc.


2,Information processing and analysis system: information server, expert system, GIS application system, manual decision-making, etc.


3,Information release system: Internet, mobile phone, vehicle terminal, radio, roadside radio, electronic information board, telephone service desk, etc.


To sum up, the construction of intelligent transportation system can promote the harmony between people and vehicles, improve transportation efficiency, reduce traffic pressure, improve road transportation capacity, reduce the probability of accidents and reduce energy consumption.

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