When AI meets agriculture, anything is possible

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The idea of farming with artificial intelligence is now a reality. With AI technology, every sowing, watering and fertilization can be accurately mastered. The application of AI technology to agriculture has split the entire agricultural industry chain, optimized the agricultural structure, and realized the innovation of the whole link from production to sales.


1,Prenatal stage

Before preparing for planting, AI can use big data to analyze which crops to plant in the soil environment and combine them with the market to maximize profits. We can plant exactly what the market lacks, and through big data analysis and machine learning, ARTIFICIAL intelligence can help farmers select seeds and improve crop genes.


AI technology


2,Middle stage of labor

In the production stage, artificial intelligence can be used to automate the analysis of possible pests in this stage, and analyze when the best time to harvest, which is determined by observing the current data and automatically comparing data from the network.


3,Postpartum stage

In the post-natal stage, the mechanical arm can measure the product quality to carry out the sales direction of agricultural products, and can help the e-commerce operation of agricultural products, guide farmers to formulate a more correct sales way, through mathematical modeling and analysis, intelligent optimization of logistics distribution path, improve the supply chain of fresh agricultural products, etc.


Agriculture has a particularly large supply and demand, but it has been stuck in some areas because it started too late. Artificial intelligence can help us realize the data analysis, which brings a golden opportunity for overtaking cars on agricultural curves.


With the support of high and new technology, we can completely replace human analysis with computer analysis, and mechanical equipment can also completely replace human labor, which is likely to be the development mode of intelligent agriculture in the near future.


Earlier, agricultural robot technology has been mature, artificial intelligence can replace the human brain to control them, is an important direction of the future development of digital agriculture innovation. In the unmanned farm of the future, we will see the orderly and automatic work of each machine under the command of 5G signal, the scene we can see now will become history. In the future, agriculture can reduce people’s dependence on experience and take the initiative to control it from the scientific level, which is bound to require a new set of logic in regulating crop planting and agronomic decision-making.


The development of artificial intelligence for agriculture to bring a new industrial upgrade, the future picture into the present is just around the corner. Agriculture has a one-time opportunity to overtake. At present, the new agricultural model with the development of 5G technology is in the forefront of the world.


Agricultural industry observation believes that in the next 30 years, artificial intelligence technology will become an important technology pursued by agriculture, agriculture and rural areas, and will certainly become an important track for innovative entrepreneurs, with huge future prospects.

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