With the advent of the era of intelligent economy, how will artificial intelligence change our lives?

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Artificial intelligence is a transformative force that will affect human development in the next 40 years. The application of artificial intelligence technology has begun to reshape the face of many industries, and then affect the future of human society. So what changes will the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence bring to our society and how will it change our lives?


Artificial intelligence is widely used in travel.


The first is intelligent driving. In recent years, Baidu, Xiaomi and other companies have been studying intelligent driving technology. Among them, Baidu’s Apollo intelligent driving has published a white paper on automatic driving safety, which is also the world’s first technical document to systematically deconstruct the safety and reliability of automatic driving. This white paper comprehensively covers the fields of functional security, expected functional security, information security, testing and verification, and provides the audience, including industry and regulators, with the most advanced reference for automatic driving safety solutions.


 intelligent economy


Intelligent driving car is equipped with intelligent map, automatic driving, posture, speech recognition and other functions. Passengers can take the bus more at ease. With the further development of intelligent driving vehicles, complete intelligent driving will be realized in the end. In this driving mode, humans will not need to control the vehicle, but only need to tell the on-board AI related information.


In addition to intelligent driving, intelligent transportation is also developing rapidly. Intelligent transportation is a service system for transportation that makes full use of modern electronic information technologies such as Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, automatic control and mobile Internet.


The rapid development of artificial intelligence can greatly improve the development speed of various high-precision medical devices and realize intelligent diagnosis and treatment at the same time. Intelligent diagnosis and treatment can enable artificial intelligence to continuously learn various cases, analyze and simulate doctors’ diagnostic thinking until it can solve the diagnosis and treatment of most diseases. In addition, artificial intelligence can also make medical imaging develop more rapidly. Artificial intelligence can learn a large number of medical images, analyze them, assist doctors and reduce the problem of missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis. Artificial intelligence can also promote the development of external medical assistance facilities, such as exoskeleton, cardiac pacemaker, etc.


Artificial intelligence will also bring great changes to catering. It includes catering robots, intelligent restaurants and so on. Catering robots include service robots, food making robots and so on. Service robot can not only greatly save human resources, but also improve the efficiency of meal delivery. The food production robot can greatly improve the production efficiency of catering, and ensure the safety of food to a certain extent.


The smart restaurant is to intelligentize the whole restaurant, so that customers can experience high efficiency when ordering, dining and paying. The intellectualization of the restaurant can also save human cost resources and improve efficiency.


These are some of the impacts on our lives with the advent of the era of intelligent economy. So what changes do you think artificial intelligence will bring to our lives?


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