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TESLA MAKES CARS. Now, it’s also the latest company to seek an edge in artificial intelligence by making its own silicon chips.At a promotional event last month, Tesla revealed details of a custom AI chip called D1 for training the machine-learning algorithm behind its Autopilot self-driving system.
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Generally speaking, artistic intelligence is a new technical science that studies and develops theories, methods, technologies and application systems for simulating, extending and expanding human intelligence.
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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence explains what AI, machine learning, and deep learning are all about, how they relate to each other, common AI algorithms, and other knowledge. When someone asks you about these concepts, you can explain them in an easy-to-understand way.
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Why is AI such a hot topic right now after suffering decades of AI winter infamy? Of course, AI news also appeared after Deep Blue, followed by the Watson story; but none of these fads lasted. It's tempting to see the current rise of AI as another fad. It can make us ignore the changes of the last decade.
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The software, called Voila AI Artist, uses AI algorithms to upload a portrait and produce images in four filter styles -- a 3D cartoon (Disney-style), a 2D cartoon, a Renaissance painting and a comic character. Voila also has a database of celebrity photos, and a search on the App will show you how the face changes look.
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