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"360ai security laboratory has found that there is a risk of model data and face data leakage in many mobile app face recognition devices. These models should be very important assets of the enterprise, but they are easily cracked. It can be seen that there are serious security problems in the artificial intelligence system itself." vice president of 360 group Deng, President of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, is outspoken about the security challenges faced by the development of artificial intelligence.
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On the one hand, artificial intelligence helps data security protection. The use of machine learning and other artificial intelligence technology, can achieve data identification and protection, data security traceability and other functions, but also to enhance the ability to protect data security.
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The security of AI itself has become a link that developers must care about, large platforms need to take responsibility, and national competition needs to compete for.While we have been discussing what impact AI can bring to Internet security, we may have been ignoring a problem: AI itself is not safe either.
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In its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 report, Gartner clearly states that AI Security will be one of the key strategic technology trends of the future, and that AI (especially machine learning and deep learning) will be widely used in products and systems that enhance human decision making over the next five years.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new technical science which studies and develops theories, methods, technologies and application systems for simulating, extending and extending human Intelligence. It consists of different fields, such as machine learning, computer vision and so on.
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For the artificial intelligence threat theory, my judgment has always been: "Those who are worried about being robbed of their jobs by artificial intelligence will first be robbed of their jobs by others; those who are worried about being enslaved by artificial intelligence will first become vassals of other people."
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Technology innovation has characterized crisis management and business operation adaptation during COVID
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We often hear about the positive aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) security — the way it can predict what customers need through data and deliver a custom result. When the darker side of AI is discussed, the conversation often centers on data privacy.
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Researchers at the University of Michigan have proposed a way to have your privacy cake and eat your home automation too.
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Servicing and Protecting more than 500,000 Families and Aiding ESG Efforts
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The Army sees artificial intelligence as the foundation that will allow its leadership to use real-time data to make decisions on the battlefield. But first, it’s using AI to look inward and assess its service members.
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Newly Developed Artificially Intelligent Tools Work Offline to Give Writers a Private and Secured Writing Environment
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Built at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the RIO program automatically detects and analyzes social media accounts that spread disinformation across a network.
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