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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has claimed that AI is a "fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization". As part of his push for stronger regulatory oversight and more responsible research into mitigating the downsides of AI, he set up OpenAI, a non-profit artificial intelligence research company that aims to promote and develop friendly AI that will benefit society as a whole.
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2021 artificial intelligence security: the committee members and experts held consultations on "scientific and technological ethics and legal issues in the development of artificial intelligence", and believed that artificial intelligence technology has extensive penetration and subversion, which brings more complex and diverse scientific and technological ethics and legal issues, which may lead to potential ethical and legal risks, which should be paid great attention to. The security of artificial intelligence has attracted attention again.
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At the RSA conference, network security experts showed the machine learning analysis application. It processes business data through machine learning, and can gradually learn which businesses in the business data are abnormal, and then directly give early warning. Indeed, companies that do not accept the concept of "artificial intelligence +" will be subverted in the future.
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The phonetic features and pronunciation habits contained in people's speaking process are almost unique. Even if they are imitated, they can not change the speaker's most essential pronunciation and vocal tract characteristics.
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As the most developed country in the content industry, the United States has the following characteristics in content security and attack and defense strategy: first, in view of the increasingly severe international situation and the needs of domestic ideological security
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As of now, AI security is still a very new field. This article conducts a comprehensive analysis from the three aspects of standardization, robustness, and assurance to help everyone understand AI security.
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The term "smart city" has been mentioned by more and more people in recent years. Smart cities use various information technologies to integrate the city's composition systems and services, which improves the efficiency of resource utilization and improves the quality of life of residents.
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This paper systematically analyzes the security issues brought about by the application of artificial intelligence in the field of cyberspace security, focusing on the empowerment effect of artificial intelligence in the direction of network attack segmentation, and summarizes and refines the emerging threat scenarios, technology development status, and future of artificial intelligence empowering network attacks.
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There are many technologies that can deceive artificial intelligence, and many artificial intelligence technologies are used to deceive people. In the era of artificial intelligence ( AI ), security issues cannot be ignored.
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