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On September 17, at the 2021 world new energy vehicle conference held in Haikou City, Hainan Province, Tesla CEO musk said in a video speech that "in the future, automatic driving technology can be realized through visual neural network, which is more than ten times safer than ordinary people". Is automatic driving safer than old drivers?
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A few days ago, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would release a beta version of the full self driving test (hereinafter referred to as "FSD") in a few weeks. Now he confirmed the exact time and date of the open public test of the tenth beta "FSD" on twitter. He said that about two weeks later (around September 25th), the Beta 10.1 of the fully automatic driving system will be open to public test.
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Automatic driving - a familiar and unfamiliar word. The familiar thing is that it often appears in people's sight. The strange thing is that the public doesn't know much about it. Compared with the brilliant progress of new energy in the first half of this year, the mass production rhythm of automatic driving is full of a lot of controversy.
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Recently, the Japanese blind judo athlete Beiyuan Xinguang was hit by a self driving bus in the Paralympic Village, injured his head and was forced to withdraw from the competition, pushing the self driving to the forefront of the storm again.
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The word "driverless" always seems to be associated with the concepts of "science fiction" and "high technology", which seems far away from people's life. But the fact is that driverless has already appeared around us.
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No more drivers and driver's licenses in the future? How far is the self driving car from us? With the goal of training professionals who master the theory and engineering technology of artificial intelligence, learn the theories and methods of machine learning, in-depth learning framework, tools and practice platform
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