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On September 27, Alibaba Dharma Academy announced that it was developing the L4 automatic driving truck "big man donkey", and has started a small-scale road test. Wang Gang, head of the automatic driving Laboratory of the Dharma academy, revealed that the Dharma academy plans to let unmanned trucks drive on the road in three years and apply them to tens of thousands of logistics distribution routes.
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One day in 2030, Scott drove to his destination in a car with automatic driving function. He switched the driving mode to "manual" on a whim. At the same time, the digital assistant in the car planned a recommended route for him and synchronized the information to the insurance company.
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The invasion of AI is not only in the field of media, but also in automobiles, one of the biggest application scenarios of AI. If the AI automatic driving of L4 and L5 can be popularized to 100,000 level cars, then the driver can also be replaced, which is also the real realization of automatic driving that we often say.
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In recent years, artificial intelligence in the field of automotive rapid development, automatic parking, navigation intelligent driving, automatic following, automatic lane change and other new technologies are used in the car, at the same time, "automatic driving" has become the biggest "gimmick" car companies sell cars.
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Automatic driving - a familiar and unfamiliar word. The familiar thing is that it often appears in people's sight. The strange thing is that the public doesn't know much about it. Compared with the brilliant progress of new energy in the first half of this year, the mass production rhythm of automatic driving is full of a lot of controversy.
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According to the Brookings Institution report of the US think tank, only in 2014 -2017, the total investment in the field of autopilot was more than 80 billion yuan. Since then, the overall investment rhythm of venture capital institutions has slowed down, and investors are also aware that the commercialization landing cycle of automatic driving at level L4 and above is too long, and the financing frequency of automatic driving start-ups began to decrease.
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The word "driverless" always seems to be associated with the concepts of "science fiction" and "high technology", which seems far away from people's life. But the fact is that driverless has already appeared around us.
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It is reported that autonomous vehicles need a large number of sensors, massive data, continuously improved computing power, real-time operation and security concerns. These factors push the core of computing from the cloud to the edge of the network.
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The most popular word in today's technology circles is artificial intelligence. As Robin Li said at this year's World Conference on artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence will undoubtedly affect the process of human development in the next 40 years.
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As more Internet of things devices enter the market and the cost of implementing artificial intelligence decreases, the ways they affect today's world will increase. But how can technologies like this change traffic management?
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No more drivers and driver's licenses in the future? How far is the self driving car from us? With the goal of training professionals who master the theory and engineering technology of artificial intelligence, learn the theories and methods of machine learning, in-depth learning framework, tools and practice platform
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When it comes to the application of artificial intelligence in cars, everyone's first reaction is automatic driving and unmanned driving. We always imagine that AI technology enables people to bring a wearable device and operate cars with a single thought.
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