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The invasion of AI is not only in the field of media, but also in automobiles, one of the biggest application scenarios of AI. If the AI automatic driving of L4 and L5 can be popularized to 100,000 level cars, then the driver can also be replaced, which is also the real realization of automatic driving that we often say.
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Drivers rely on their brains for cognition, but the "brain" of driverless cars is a computer. The computer in the driverless car is slightly different from the desktop and laptop that we often use, because the car will encounter bumps, vibration, dust and even high temperature when driving, and generally the computer cannot run in these environments for a long time. Therefore, unmanned vehicles generally use the industrial environment of the computer - industrial computer.
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With the rapid development of technology cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence some new terms into the public's view, artificial intelligence is another technological revolution after the human into the information age is being more and more widely attention.
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According to reports, with the continuous development of technology, today's vehicles are commonly equipped with built-in data storage devices, whose capacity is usually in the range of 16 GB-64 GB. The vast majority of these devices are capable of performing the two major functions of in-vehicle map storage and in-vehicle infotainment.
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Recently, I have watched a very interesting debate. The "entanglement" between the pros and the cons is: Does automated driving need artificial intelligence?From this perspective, it's interesting. So, what is the loss of truth? Or is it a distortion of pseudoscience? Let's approach the science together:
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In the era of intelligence, autonomous driving technology has become a sweet potato. Auto companies are vigorously developing autonomous driving functions, and autonomous driving technology companies can continue to obtain huge amounts of financing.
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With the rapid development of technology, some new terms such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence have entered the public's field of vision. Artificial intelligence is another technological revolution after mankind has entered the information age and is receiving more and more attention.
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