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5g, consumption degradation, data streaking, new retail, AI, Internet of things, cloud computing, compliance supervision, risk control, cutting leeks, blockchain, biometrics, national idle time and financial technology. These words are full of our life and time, and from the overall relationship, they derive a core change, which is integration.
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Intelligent urban management often requires human-centered sensing and understanding of human movement at the urban scale for efficient traffic dispatch, urban emergency management, disaster humanitarian relief, and infectious disease transmission prevention and control.
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In short, one day all of the world's oil reserves will be depleted. Data (and AI), on the other hand, will continue to evolve. Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data have been around for some time, and their applications in a variety of fields are generating economic benefits for organizations and countries around the world.
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Driven by big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things has undergone certain changes, which are mainly reflected in three aspects. One is the Internet of Things platform; the second is data analysis; and the third is application.
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At present, artificial intelligence technology is in a period of rapid development. A large number of artificial intelligence companies have sprung up in an endless stream.
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The term "smart city" has been mentioned by more and more people in recent years. Smart cities use various information technologies to integrate the city's composition systems and services, which improves the efficiency of resource utilization and improves the quality of life of residents.
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The Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, as the four major sectors of today's informatization, have essential connections between them, and have the characteristics and trends of integration.
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