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There is a classic "tram paradox" in the field of unmanned driving, and the reason why the "tram paradox" is classic is that it involves not a simple algorithm problem, but a more important moral problem. There was not so much debate because everyone has different morality.
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Dana Nau, a researcher in the field of game theory and automatic planning, is known for identifying "pathological" games in which, counter-intuitively, looking ahead leads to poorer decisions.
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Marx and Engels believe that technological progress will not only make great changes in the field of natural science, but also promote human development and social progress. A series of high-tech developments represented by artificial intelligence will not only promote the development of economy and society, but also have a broad and far-reaching impact on human development.
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When it comes to artificial intelligence, people began to study it as early as the 1940s to the 1950s. So far, artificial intelligence has experienced many rises and lows. This year's artificial intelligence explosion is attributed to Google Deep Mind, the human-machine battle between the team's robot AlphaGo and South Korean 9th dan chess player Lee Sedol.
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