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Driverless is a cutting-edge technology, which will create a huge market and have a great impact on society. From the analysis of the specific attributes of driverless, we have reason to believe that the future driverless market will form a dominant pattern, just as Google dominates today's search market.
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Japanese automakers are rushing to develop ai-based driver assistance systems as smart connectivity opens up new driving experiences, according to a report. Mitsubishi recently launched an AI Personal Assistant system called Risa, while Toyota is working ona Concept car called Concept-I. Risa was previously unveiled at the Automotive Engineering Expo 2017 in Yokohama in May. The system uses advanced technology and cameras to understand and provide information about the driver's physical and emotional intentions and condition.
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The new car makers finally "survived" the first stage of capital and market, in addition to the new forces In addition to new car brands, autonomous driving, intelligent vehicles, intelligent auxiliary systems continue to support, so that it is the automotive industry to press the "accelerator".
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