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A recent news story says that Apple is testing a new feature for the web version of iCloud that allows users to use Face ID or Touch ID to log in to their accounts when their test device accesses the beta.icloud URL. This is a new feature that previously required a password to sign in to icloud using the web, whether it was an Apple device or not.
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Traffic is a real problem in urban areas. People always need effective traffic management to avoid congestion. If traffic management must be done by humans, it may be difficult because it will only lead to chaos. However, aiot is a smart solution to this problem.
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The New York State legislature has reportedly just passed an act banning the use of facial recognition and other biometric technologies in schools until 2022. The bill will be signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. This comes on the heels of bills that have been officially passed in San Francisco, Somerville, Massachusetts, and several other places to ban facial recognition software in public places.
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Artificial intelligence is recognized as the greatest revolution in human history, far surpassing the cognitive revolution, agricultural revolution and industrial revolution.
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Artificial intelligence has gradually entered our lives and is applied in various fields. It not only brings huge economic benefits to many industries, but also brings many changes and conveniences to our lives.
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