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A few days ago, I shared three major financial theorems: the value of time, the agglomeration of funds and risk sharing. Today, we continue to share how to build a financial world outlook. World outlook first, methodology second.
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"Artificial intelligence is everywhere," we learn from the media, but is it actually everywhere? I get this question in my lectures practically all the time. For this reason, I decided to start a new blog series called "Applied Artificial Intelligence". In this series, I will show you industry by industry how artificial intelligence is already being used today. Let's get to it, starting with finance.
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When the depth model is applied to the financial scenario, the data risk mainly comes from three aspects: deviation in training data, wrong data or wrong data preprocessing, and legal compliance of data. Let's not talk about the legal compliance of data, but mainly talk about the first two issues.
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The upsurge of artificial intelligence was brought to the peak by alphago. However, there is a period of prosperity and stability in the discipline development history of artificial intelligence. A technological breakthrough will bring unimaginable prosperity in a certain period of time, and then the scientific development will be faster than before, but it needs to be understood that it will not be a technological breakthrough every day.
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Humanity is moving towards the age of intelligence. At present, a new generation of artificial intelligence is flourishing worldwide, injecting new momentum into economic and social development and profoundly changing people's production and lifestyle.
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We still have to start with the definition of artificial intelligence, and now we are familiar with it, and even now we have invented many new names, such as anthropomorphic intelligence, emotional computing, emotional robots and so on. In fact, it is hoped that the machine or system can think like a human.
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At present, artificial intelligence has been considered as the technological high point of the next era, a variety of AI related technologies and products continue to emerge, enterprises in all fields are also actively embrace the darling of this era, in order to rely on artificial intelligence to break through business pain points, improve work efficiency, and achieve enterprise transformation and upgrading. The three most active technology directions in Fintech in recent years have been artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain.
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Market Analysis] In the tide of the development and application of artificial intelligence, various industries will have the possibility of being replaced by AI. What kind of impact can artificial intelligence bring in the financial industry and what innovations and changes will it bring?
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In January 2020, the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) released a study on the impact of artificial intelligence on the financial industry. One of the most comprehensive global surveys in the field, it included 151 respondents from 33 countries/regions, including existing financial institutions and fintech companies. The study yielded the following findings.
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