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In October 1950, Alan Turing published his paper computational machinery and intelligence, put forward the famous "Turing test", and set off the first wave of artificial intelligence. At the summer academic seminar held by Dartmouth University in 1956, J McCarthy, m Minsky and Shanno formally put forward the term "artificial intelligence (AI)".
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Fintech is an important part of modern finance. The traditional understanding of financial operations has changed. Financial technology opportunities allow people to enjoy the convenience and speed of managing financial business. In addition, it has great potential to improve global economic life. Nevertheless, as a new tool, fintech still faces many obstacles and challenges.
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In the aftermath of this covid catastrophe, the finance economy, businesses, and services were forced to undergo significant transformations in order to stay afloat. This is how the wave of digital transformation gained tremendous momentum.
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Some people may say that even the most innovative banking institutions are very traditional. Slow decision-making has led banks to lose the first mover advantage of seizing the innovation and application of financial science and technology, leaving more opportunities for Internet finance.
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Under the epidemic situation, the failure to return to work and production on time has affected the development of the real economy, but accelerated the development of the digital economy.
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The era of artificial intelligence is coming quietly. The wall breaking of technology and industry has been carried out in all walks of life. Among them, the financial field is often regarded as one of the best application fields of artificial intelligence because of its industry characteristics.
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5g, consumption degradation, data streaking, new retail, AI, Internet of things, cloud computing, compliance supervision, risk control, cutting leeks, blockchain, biometrics, national idle time and financial technology. These words are full of our life and time, and from the overall relationship, they derive a core change, which is integration.
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"Before, 90% of investors didn't quite understand why they insisted on supervising technology. They even ask me why I don't lend. " A CEO of a technology company who has worked in this field for many years sighed. But he also pointed out that after COVID-19, they got more support. "Now some investors can understand its strategic significance."
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When it comes to digital technology, many people naturally associate it with finance, especially Internet finance. In many people's eyes, the so-called digital technology is just a new concept copied by the traditional Internet finance players, the essence of the same. There is a reason for such stereotypes about digital technology.
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Discussions about the direction of financial evolution continue.It is foreseeable that different people will have different understandings of the direction of financial evolution. It is based on this that has led to the emergence of so many new financial species in the post-Internet finance era. This is the case for financial technology and the same for digital technology.
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There are opinions that finance is one of the best landing scenarios for artificial intelligence (AI). In recent years, financial institutions that have deployed artificial intelligence earlier at home and abroad have tried to apply artificial intelligence throughout the entire business system.
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With the continuous burst of scientific and technological innovation, the use of technology to promote industrial development and accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of the economy and society has become a global consensus.
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Mankind is moving towards the era of intelligence. At present, a new generation of artificial intelligence is booming around the world, injecting new momentum into economic and social development, and profoundly changing people's production and lifestyles.
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