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Driving intelligence tests are critical to the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles. The prevailing approach tests autonomous vehicles in life-like simulations of the naturalistic driving environment.
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In the era of smart cars, the automatic driving scenes existing in science fiction films began to gradually come into reality. If the car can accurately plan the optimal driving route and make accurate control during driving like an experienced racing driver, is it possible for ordinary people to enjoy track level driving fun? Recently, a press conference at lutes showed us that cars are more likely to collide with the blessing of intelligent driving technology.
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On September 8, BYD officially launched the e-platform 3.0 for pure electric vehicles. With outstanding advantages in intelligence, efficiency, safety, and aesthetics, the e-platform 3.0 aims to promote NEVs’ performance in safety and low-temperature driving range as well as improving intelligent driving experiences, to build more efficient and safer new intelligent EVs.
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Intelligent Driving is getting more and more mature, Baidu Apollo debuted in Shanghai on September 12, and eligible volunteers can experience the self-driving service from 9:30 to 23:00 every day. It was a rewarding experience to go for the first time in person.
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In recent years, artificial intelligence in the field of automotive rapid development, automatic parking, navigation intelligent driving, automatic following, automatic lane change and other new technologies are used in the car, at the same time, "automatic driving" has become the biggest "gimmick" car companies sell cars.
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In the past exchanges, many people in the industry mentioned, "why don't you pay attention to commercial vehicles? There are many players in the field of commercial vehicle assisted driving." Some executives even asserted that there must be no future for making passenger cars. However, some people in the industry believe that commercial vehicles can only survive, and only passenger vehicles can live better.
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Intelligent driving technology has entered a new stage, and ADAS, as a standard equipment of L2 level, is gradually receiving attention from the government and the industry. "In order to protect driving safety and reduce traffic accidents, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have issued a document announcing the installation of ADAS in two passenger and one dangerous vehicles
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It is important to note that we are discussing technologies related to smart driving that are currently based on mass production. This is because many cutting-edge technologies can be tested during the R&D or concept phase. The customer-oriented mass-production vehicles require a different standard of technology maturity (such as the supply of upstream and downstream supply chain, mass production cost control, etc.).
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Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report "WIMI Stands Out with Its Own Lidar Products When the Autonomous Vehicle Industry Breaks Out". "Equipped with advanced sensors" has become an important label for smart cars.
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The draft delineates that public transport system of Delhi needs further integration at institutional-level, spatial-level and at systems-level; to provide a seamless travel experience to the commuters
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University of Melbourne has teamed up with public and private sector organisations to build an AI application that can predict traffic congestion up to three hours ahead
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For years, the United States’ infrastructure has failed to earn a grade of higher than C-. However, there is good news to report. With a potentially trillion-dollar infrastructure bill on the table, cities across America stand to be empowered to make significant modernization improvements that will raise the national infrastructure grade.
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In China's electric vehicle (EV) sector, there have already been many players including such NEV-focused startups as NIO, XPeng, and Li Auto, as well as the traditional automakers who are eager to lead the development trend of electrification, such as BYD, SAIC Motor, Geely, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. But now, the competition is getting fiercer as a growing number of Internet giants have joined the EV race.
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