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The essence of Internet finance is still finance, and the core of finance is risk control, big data is the key to intelligent risk control, the final presentation of risk control capabilities can be seen in the capital loss rate this indicator.Internet financial risk control intelligence has now revealed the beginning, but has not emphasized the concept, with crawlers crawling online public data, third-party cooperation to provide data plus the platform's accumulated data, semantic understanding
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When it comes to making deeper scenes, many people think of spending money on marketing to get customers, advertising more and emphasizing the role of channels such as apps, applets and public numbers to attract traffic, but in fact, one should first read the customer base behind the scenes.
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Intelligent risk management – is one of the most important application scenarios in the field of financial technology. With the help of big data and artificial intelligence technology to improve risk management capabilities, it is increasingly used in banking, securities, insurance, Internet finance and other fields.
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Using a variety of artificial intelligence technologies to comprehensively improve the efficiency and accuracy of risk control. As an inherent characteristic of the financial industry, risk is accompanied by financial services. Risk prevention and control are the core issues faced by traditional financial institutions.
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