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Aiot has entered the accelerated stage of development: the supporting intelligent technology has matured and will grow rapidly in the next decade. Aiot is the intelligent Internet of things. On the basis of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence technology, aiot intelligently analyzes the data through the massive data storage and artificial intelligence technology generated and collected by the Internet of things, and strengthens the interactive experience between people and goods, so as to realize the intelligent connection of all things.
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Nissan intelligent mobility:In this revolutionary transformation process of actively embracing change, Nissan's thinking and strategic layout may be more comprehensive than any auto enterprise. As the first large-scale international auto show this year, under the atmosphere of gradual improvement of consumption environment and more urgent task of transformation
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A new report from a global case study focuses on how a new generation of smart light poles can help cities cope with and respond to the pandemic. Smart lampposts may play a key role in pandemic recovery.
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Marx and Engels believe that technological progress will not only make great changes in the field of natural science, but also promote human development and social progress. A series of high-tech developments represented by artificial intelligence will not only promote the development of economy and society, but also have a broad and far-reaching impact on human development.
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