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The development of information technology has greatly improved our way of life and travel. Due to the large urban population and the traffic congestion caused by concentrated travel time, it has also been improved with the construction of intelligent transportation.
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On the basis of intelligent transportation (ITS), intelligent transportation makes full use of Internet of things, cloud computing, Internet, artificial intelligence, automatic control, mobile Internet and other technologies in the transportation field to collect traffic information through high and new technologies, so as to improve traffic management, transportation Control and support all aspects of the transportation field such as public travel and the whole process of transportation construction management
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The predecessor of intelligent transportation is intelligent transportation system (ITS), which was put forward by the United States in the early 1990s. In 2009, IBM put forward the concept of intelligent transportation.
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2021 smart transportation: traffic congestion has always been one of the most troublesome problems in medium and large cities, especially in rush hours. Sometimes it takes an hour to drive ten minutes, which is maddening. With the acceleration of urbanization, more and more people pour into the city, and there are more and more months. Such problems will become increasingly prominent.
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Smart city originated in the media field. It refers to the use of various information technologies or innovative concepts to connect and integrate urban systems and services, so as to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, optimize urban management and services, and improve the quality of life of citizens.
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Artificial intelligence is a transformative force that will affect human development in the next 40 years. The application of artificial intelligence technology has begun to reshape the face of many industries, and then affect the future of human society.
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The Internet of Things is currently the main direction of the development of network technology in my country, and it is also an extension and expansion of Internet technology in the development process.
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